About us

Done with heart™ is a company that promotes good intentions. It persuades people to put positive energy into their actions in order to maximize the quality of the result. So it’s proud to partner with the following artists

Done With Heart™ is proud to exclusively distribute the collection "“ Il était une Foi, l’ Amour ”" by visual artist Xavier Laloux. To understand this artist's artistic approach, watch this short video.

Xavier Laloux is a contemporary artist from Montreal. He has been a tattoo artist (since 2012) and has been painting for about 20 years. He was part of the graffiti scene at a very young age (1999). He worked in the clothing industry where he designed sweaters for local and international brands.  He is also a philanthropist: in 2018, he organized two artistic missions to promote urban art in Haiti and Montreal.

His works have a strong semiology. Clean, his original work shows a lot of creativity and rigor. Also, he regularly paints in public at festive events to soak up the energy of the moment. Laloux is respected for his involvement with various communities.